“You cannot manage what you cannot measure.”

Apprise Consulting can assist you by reviewing your current performance management systems and parameters and ensure they are fit for purpose and follow the SMART ethos.

Our benchmarking service enables you to compare your own operations to those of your peers and competitors.

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Performance measurement
Are your key performance indicators (KPI) SMART?

That is, are they:

Specific – Objectives should specify what they want to achieve.
Measurable – Can you measure whether you are meeting the targets or not.
Achieveable – Are the targets you set, achievable and attainable?
Relevant – Are they in line with your company’s strategy and do they provide a stepping stone to achieving your goals?
Timely – Are the timescales allowed realistic and how often do you measure?

Apprise consultants can assess your current performance measures, ensure they are aligned with the business and easy to manage. Our experience within a variety of market sectors enables us to suggest alternative KPI and potential target levels. We can help you to introduce new key performance indicators and measurement systems.

Example KPI could include the following:

Supplier KPI

  • On time delivery
  • In full delivery
  • Order lead time
  • Damage free delivery

We can also establish productivity indices as below:

  • Dock to stock time
  • Lines picked per hour
  • Pallets put-away per hour
  • Cases picked per hour


Benchmarking is a process of identifying “best practice” and can be applied to both products and services. This, in relation to the products and services themselves and the processes by which those products and services are created and delivered.

The search for “best practice” can take place both inside a particular market sector, and also in other sectors. The objective of benchmarking is to understand and evaluate the current position of a business or organisation in relation to “best practice” and to identify areas and means of performance improvement.

Benchmarking involves looking outward (outside a particular business, organisation, industry, region or country) to examine how others achieve their performance levels and to understand the processes they use. In this way benchmarking helps explain the processes behind excellent performance.

When the lessons learnt from a benchmarking exercise are applied appropriately, they facilitate improved performance in critical functions within an organisation or in key areas of the business environment.

Application of benchmarking involves four key steps:

  1. Understand in detail existing business processes
  2. Analyse the business processes of others
  3. Compare own business performance with that of others analysed
  4. Implement the steps necessary to close the performance gap.

So, how do you compare with your competitors? How can you improve your own position?

Apprise Consulting will benchmark your specific areas of concern, concentrating on those parameters which matter most to your business. Although no two companies are exactly alike there are opportunities to compare operations.

Most of our projects include some element of benchmarking to ensure best current practice is achieved. In the past we have covered areas such as order to delivery timescales, cost as a % of sales, average order pick rate, % of returns, MPG by vehicle type etc.

We will contact a number of your competitors, elicit their participation by agreeing to share the results, albeit anonymously, produce a questionnaire, contact all participants and produce a comprehensive report, reviewing areas where we believe there are anomalies. Our expertise in this area ensures that we ask the right questions and are able to interpret the results accurately.

N.B. the best current practice is not always the best achievable practice! See our case study section for examples of our work in this area.

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