Apprise Consulting undertakes both warehouse and transport audits ensuring compliance with Health and Safety and VOSA Operators’ (‘O’) Licence regulations.

We also carry out warehouse and third-party contract audits ensuring best practice and to guarantee optimisation of labour, space, equipment and as a result – cost.

The warehouse and transport audits can both be downloaded from How to Logistics site if clients wish to undertake their own audits.The audit sheets have over 100 questions and each area can be scored and compared to previous audits.

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Apprise Consulting undertakes transport and transport administration audits ensuring that clients are complying with VOSA Operators’ (‘O’) Licence regulations.

We issue RED, AMBER and GREEN priority reports on audit findings. If any issues arise from the audits we can assist clients introduce procedures to overcome any shortfall in operations to ensure full compliance.

We will provide you with a step by step guide to ‘O’ licence adherence and compliance. Clients are also able to download their own transport audit Excel sheets from our web site There is a nominal fee for this service.

We carry out warehouse audits ensuring best practice and to ensure optimisation of labour, space and equipment.

Our warehouse audits include analysis of storage and mechanical equipment used, labour deployment and productivity, systems use and procedures.

The audits involve shadowing key personnel and ‘walking’ through and recording each process within the warehouse operation from goods in through to despatch.

Any unnecessary steps or unproductive work will be highlighted during the process. ‘Quick fixes’ will be highlighted immediately and assistance given with implementation of new procedures.

A full audit report will be presented and discussed with management at the end of the process and a cost benefit analysis produced. Implementation assistance will also be provided.

Clients are also able to download their own warehouse audit Excel sheets from our web site There is a nominal fee for this service.

3PL (Third party logistics operations)
In an era of increased outsourcing we also undertake audits of 3PL (Third-party logistics) contracts to ensure value for money.

This can include re-tendering the business to provide a benchmark against other providers or utilising a database of costs which we have built up over the years to ensure the competitiveness of the current supplier. As most of our staff and Associates have worked in the 3PL sector they are very experienced in this type of project.

One could say we are ‘poachers turned gamekeeper’!

Health and Safety
We have access to Associate consultancies such as Labyrinth who undertake Health and Safety audits and provide advice on Dangerous Goods transport and storage and workplace transport matters.

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